A society whose citizens have run amuck of civility & personal restraints produce people with a sense of entitlement and whose agenda is self-centered. Whether you are building a team in a corporate setting or launching your own vision you need relationships with people who are in alignment with your values. Healthy relationships will enhance and accelerate your goals whereas unhealthy and misaligned relationships will do the opposite.
Webster’s dictionary defines presumption as overstepping due bounds (as of propriety or courtesy) or taking liberties.   Your job as leader is to draw boundaries and set clear priorities. When presumptuous people try to assert their will, their agenda, you have to act with immediacy and boldness to say no. Refuse to be controlled. With healthy boundaries and clear direction, you can avoid costly damage to your
Behaviors  of a presumptuous person:
  • They want a ‘genuine’ relationship without the commitment or effort that it takes to build a real relationship
  • Assume they have access to your time, knowledge and network when it has not been given. They will ask for favors, assume they are top priority and become petulant when they don’t get their way.
  • Have no respect for your time, your culture or your standards of order.
  • Consider their agenda as top priority above the team’ or the organization’s priorities.
  • Will use guilt to get as a method to get their goals achieved.
Bringing on the right people is a vital component of building a team to achieve a vision.  The right alignment is energizing, innovative and fulfilling.  Be willing to say no to the wrong ones.